WhatsApp Co-Founder Says He Sold Users’ Privacy When Facebook Acquired WhatsApp

The latest confession from the WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Action, is going to make almost every WhatsApp user tensed. The co-founder said that he sold my users’ privacy to a larger benefit, before adding that he is now living with the burden of the decision. Brian Action said that he made a choice and compromise when he decided to sell WhatsApp to Facebook for an amount of $19 Billion. This news does not come as a surprise since Brian Action has not been the best supporter of Facebook. In fact, in the past years, he has been taking on the social media giant.

Brian Action decided to leave WhatsApp in 2017, following the completion of the acquisition process. As per some sources, the co-founder had to face a loss of $850 Million because he left the company before stocks were completely vested. It should also be noted that another co-founder of WhatsApp, namely Jan Koum, had also left Facebook in July this year. All these updates come amidst the decision of Instagram founders to leave Facebook. Although none of them have specified the reasons for leaving, sources have reported the possibility of a clash with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook privacy policies.

As said earlier, Brian Action was quite vocal about the #deleteFacebook campaign that took place after the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal. This scandal had accused Facebook of voluntarily allowing an entity to leak the information of millions of Facebook users. Brian Action, who was not a part of the company at the time, supported the campaign. It was after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that Jan Koum left the job at the tech giant. Now that Action has said something about the situation, it’s clear that Facebook is not the privacy-friendly company out there. The company is now trying to rebuild its reputation, especially after the Senate hearing.

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