Mojang Announces Minecraft Dungeos;Coming Next Year

The Minecraft universe is getting a brand-new game the next year. Mojang, the developer, has announced its new title named Minecraft: Dungeons. The title belongs to a role-playing game category and is likely to be launched the next year. The game is expected to stick onto many elements that is familiar for Minecraft enthusiasts, but there is a new experience as well. This announcement was made during the Minecon 2018, which is the annual event that brings together modding community and Minecraft enthusiasts. Mojang says that the game is being developed at its head-office in Sweden.

It should be noted that Mojang has not revealed much information about the new game! The basics of the game are well-covered, including the plot. The familiar figures from the Minecraft universe would be present in this role-playing game, but the graphics are going to be more enhanced and awesome. However, it won’t lack the actual Minecraft feel that is familiar to the users. Mojang has not made any announcement regarding the platform-based availability. Minecraft: Dungeons would be available for Windows PCs in the next year, but the company kept its silence regarding other platforms.

Mojang also revealed some other things during the Minecon 2018 event. For instance, the company talked about a Minecraft update called Village and Pillage, which is adding some elements to the game. Some new characters, including the good and bad ones, are introduced to the game, adding a new layer of experience for the player community. Butcher, cartographer and librarian etc. are some of the new good villagers while others like barbarians are not good for the game. Because the event is also targeted towards people who mod Minecraft, Mojang also revealed some customization tools, especially for managing animations as well as mobs. These features will be available across platforms.

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