Facebook Unveils Smart Displays with Privacy Assurances

Leaving rumors to an end, the social networking giant Facebook has announced its smart display devices. Its two devices are called Portal and Portal+ and offer features like Facebook Messenger, Video Calling and of course Voice-based control. Apart from the voice recognition, Portal and Portal+ will have a touch-screen as well. Users can use both these devices for managing their voice calls and video calls easily. Making things a lot more interesting, Portal devices have Amazon Alexa integration as well. However, it is not clear how the integration will benefit the users and which features will be brought to the forefront of the device.

Like it has been seen in other devices in the same category, Portal and Portal+ differ mainly when it comes to the screen-size. Portal has a screen size of 10 inches while the Portal+ goes to an extra size of 15 inches, with slight changes in resolution. Both these devices are powered by some awesome speakers, offering best quality audio rendering when it comes to voice and video calls. It must be noted that Portal devices let you call people who are using Messenger apps as well and not just those who have a Portal device.

Facebook has included some more features in the collection. For instance, the company has used speakers with better background correction techniques. Users will be benefitted from enhanced audio quality as well as control. The company adds that the devices will be able to pick up your voice no matter where you are in the room. The only thing a user has to do is to say ‘Hey Portal’ to activate the functions of the smart display device. All the while, the company has maintained that Facebook won’t sneak into the voice calls or video chats made via Facebook Portal devices.

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