AMD Plans to Get 30% of Desktop CPU Market Share This Year

According to the latest reports from Taiwan, AMD is planning a face-on-face combat with Intel, at least when it comes to market share. As DigiTimes has reported recently, AMD is planning to grab 30% of Desktop CPU market share by the end of this year. Considering the journey that AMD processors have seen in the previous couple of years, the proposition does not seem that superficial either. This information was being shared by sources that are familiar with the matter. AMD wants to achieve this rather revolutionary milestone by the end of the fourth quarter of 2018. Of course, AMD has many plans to do this.

From the very beginning, AMD has been competing with Intel processors in many ways. Due to many reasons — often market-based and production-based —, AMD was not able to catch up with the pace Intel has been following. However, things have changed in the past two years, especially after AMD started its Ryzen line of processors. These processors have not only helped AMD skyrocket sales but also get critical reception for not just gaming but also performance. It should also be noted that AMD processors are normally affordable than the ones marketed by Intel.

As said earlier, AMD has taken a bunch of decisions to make sure that the comeback is effective. Of course, many of the decisions are exploiting the current limitations of Intel. For instance, Intel has not been smooth in bringing 10nm chips to the market. AMD, understanding the situation, is all set to change this in the next few months. The company has also made partnerships to ensure the best quality for the chips without being expensive at the maximum level. Whether AMD would succeed in this head-on war is another thing, but the decision would create better competition in the Intel-dominated processor market.

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