Burberry Stops the Use of Fur and Bans Burning of Unused Goods

Burberry, one of the popular fashion houses in the UK, is doing something incredible to protect environment. The company has decided to stop the use of fur for its products, which would mean a lot to animal safety. It also made a promise that Burberry would not be burning its unused goods. This decision has come as a reply to the criticism raised via online platforms via various environmental activists. It will have immediate effect as well, meaning that Burberry would be an environment-friendly company from the moment it released an official statement. The decision to stop the use of animal fur would help a lot of animal species as well.

“Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible. This belief is core to us at Burberry and key to our long-term success. We are committed to applying the same creativity to all parts of Burberry as we do to our products,” said Marco Gobbetti, the Chief Executive Officer of Burberry, in the official blog post statement. The company also adds that this commitment builds on the goals that we set last year as part of our five-year responsibility agenda and is supported by our new strategy, which is helping tackle the causes of waste. We already reuse, repair, donate or recycle unsaleable products and we will continue to expand these efforts.

The decision is quite commendable, considering that Burberry is one of the most popular manufacturer of luxury products. It was reported sometime back that Burberry was burning its unused goods, valued at more than $36 Million. This practice is followed by a number of fashion firms, in order to prevent the products from being sold at cheaper rates. It also should be noted that Burberry is setting an example for a number of worldwide-popular manufacturing firms, by saying that the use of fur is outdated and isolated.

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