Alexa for Business Is Now Open To Third-Party Device Manufacturers

Amazon Alexa has been performing quite well, thanks to the consumer electronic products, including a line of Echo devices. Now, the company is trying to expand the domain of the digital assistant to a more corporate scene. Amazon has announced that its corporate initiative, Alexa for Business, will be made available for the third-party device manufacturers from now. It means that other manufacturers can start integrating Alexa for Business features to the Alexa-powered devices. Amazon says that it has taken the decision due to the feedback from companies that are using Alexa for Business right now.

Alexa for Business was launched for Echo devices and was equipped with a lot of features. Voice-enabling of applications, easier management of tasks and in-team communication were some of the innovative features in the package, offering more control over the process. The limitation here was that the companies had to purchase separate Echo devices and keep them alongside other devices on the desk. In other words, custom devices previously made for things what the Echo does now were rendered useless. The opening of Alexa for Business to the public would change this for all the good reasons.

Now that the system is open, organizations can start implementing Alexa for Business to existing devices as well as the upcoming custom-made systems. Alexa Voice Service SDK would be provided to the developers so that the changes can be implemented easily. According to Amazon, several companies have already started working on custom-made Alexa devices and Amazon is offering complete support. The brands include iHome and BlackBerry. The SDK is now available via Github and developers can start working on the kit as early as they want. With this expansion, Amazon believes that Alexa can reach out to the corporate community instead of being limited to bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

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