Tesla Model 3 Has the Lowest Probability of Injury, Says NHTSA

Safety is one of the major strong-points that Tesla hold in comparison to vehicles from other manufacturers in the market. According to the latest report, the Tesla Model 3 is no exception either. This time, however, it should be noted that the data has come from a federal agency — one of the most authentic sources in the area. As per the data published by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla Model 3 has lowest probability of an injury of all vehicles. It means that, compared to any other vehicle currently on road, Model 3 is the least likely one to get into an accident.

For Tesla, however, such a rating is nothing new. In fact, two other vehicles from Tesla — the Model S and X — have received appreciation from authorities and experts for the best quality of safety and features. That having said, the achievement of Tesla Model 3 is something greater than all these. However, not everyone is quite okay about the rating, because the unfamiliar nature of the system named ‘probability of injury’. The aforesaid standard has not been mentioned in many places in the past and it’s not clear whether the NHTSA is taking other manufacturers’ vehicles through the same process.

It has not also been made clear the criteria used to understand whether a vehicle is vulnerable to injury. In this particular case, neither Tesla nor NHTSA has provided additional information regarding this classification or the status of the Model 3. Nevertheless, there are many factors to hint at the fact that the statement the NHTSA has made isn’t a bluff. Earlier, the Tesla Model 3 had received five-star ratings for the safety features of the vehicle onboard. Considering this statistic data, which is part of many standards, it does not come as a surprise that the Model 3 may have a lower rate of crashes.

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