Study Says that Milk Straight from Breast is Better for Baby’s Health

There is no doubt that breastfeeding is one of the most important ways to ensure baby’s health. However, in the course of time, new technologies have emerged for feeding the baby. Pumping is one of the popular ways, in which the breastmilk is pumped into a bottle. A recently-published study suggests, however, that such methods are not really suitable for a baby’s health. The study says that it’s best for baby only when the milk is directly from mother’s breast. It should be noted that the researchers are not just talking about the major fight between breast-feeding and formula-feeding.

On the other hand, the research suggests that the medium of breastfeeding is also important. Babies who were breastfed via methods like bottles and pumping. The researchers make it clear that pumping is way better than providing formula food to the kids and that many working women in the country are relying on methods like pumping. However, the point being raised here is that actual breastfeeding may help the baby gain more weight and health when compared to this mediated process. According to the authors, feeding directly from the breast can encourage the best rates of weight gain, which is important.

There are multiple reasons for this disparity in weight gain. For instance, breastmilk contains a wide variety of enzymes and hormones in them. These components make it to the baby’s body when the baby is being fed directly from the breast. When pumped and stored, the vitality of such enzymes may be lost. Also, babies have somewhat control over food consumption when they are breast-fed. On the other hand, feeding on a bottle would force the babies finish the complete bottle. While this is considered good by many parents, it does not have a proven impact on health gain. However, the propositions of the paper are not practical for all parents in the world.

Celso Gomes

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