Lyft Kick-Starts Its Electric Scooter Services, in Denver

Lyft, the popular ride-sharing company, is the latest to enter the relatively-newer electric scooter market. It has announced that it will be launching the electric scooter services in Denver. Although the company seems to have received the approval for launching electric scooters and bike, Lyft says it would be experimenting with the electric scooters only. During the first part of the launch, 350 electric scooters will be launched. 100 of these vehicles would be dedicated to the ‘Opportunity Zones’ of Denver. These zones have low income as well as limited options for public transportation. Lyft is using electric scooters made by Xiaomi.

Using an electric scooter from Lyft is an easy task. The official apps would let users unlock scooters and use them for as long as they want. When unlocking, the user will be able to know the mileage and range of the vehicle, which is helpful. While unlocking the scooter costs $1 only, Lyft would charge a per-minute cost of 15 cents during the drive. Since the launch is at the first phase, Lyft has not made the vehicles available 24 hours a day. Instead, the scooters can be unlocked and used between 6AM to 8PM. The electric scooters do offer a maximum speed of 15mph.

It should be noted that Denver is not only the proposed market of Lyft electric scooter services. The company has extensive plans for launching the service in a wide variety of locations, including places where rivals are present. It should also be noted that the ride-hailing company is competing with startups that have whopping funding base. Despite the competition in market, the scooter business has not been smooth for everyone so far. There have been complaints regarding issues like vandalism and the blockage of pavements etc. At the same time, most users find these vehicles an effective alternative to public transportation, especially for shorter rides.

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