Elon Musk Wants Says Tesla Will Have In-House Collision Repair Centers, As Outside Shops Are Taking Time

Elon Musk is bringing something new to the Tesla world. Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla will bring a number of in-house collision repair centers. These centers will be dedicated for fixing the Tesla vehicles that are damaged due to collisions. In this tweet, Musk said: “Tesla is bringing most collision repairs in-house, as outside firms take weeks to months for repairs, driving Tesla owners (and us) crazy”. It is clear that outside shops require more time to find the needed spare parts and get them repaired. That having said, Elon Musk did not say that all the outside repair shops are with this situation.

He added that some outside repair shops are able to finish the repairing work within 24 hours, which is very great. That having said, via the official repair centers, Tesla will be able to turn around the vehicles within a few hours. This will make it easy for Tesla owners and the company itself to ensure the best experience. He also added that when users get a vehicle into the collision repair centers, the vehicle will be turned around in a condition that is better than it was before the accident happened. The first target would be to get the vehicle ready in a day, but that would be shrunk to an hour soon.

Talking about how these collision repair centers would be beneficial, Musk talks about the exclusivity factor as well. He added that, while outside shops are focusing on multiple vehicles by multiple manufacturers, the collision repair centers from Tesla are made exclusively for the three models available in the market. This is expected to ensure the quality as well as turn-around time. In addition, Tesla can also manage the availability of spare products and additional stuff in a quick manner. He also admitted that Tesla has had problems in the delivery of spare parts, but added that it would be fixed as earlier as possible.

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