Cancer-Causing HPV Can Be Spread Through Sex_ Kids Need Vaccination at 11

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has some important information for parents out there. The agency has released some vital instructions as to how can one handle the human papillomavirus, commonly known as the HPV. Human Papillomavirus is spread via sex and other forms of intimate intercourse between two individual. However, it should be noted that kids should be vaccinated against the virus when they are 11 years of age. Although this is the optimal age of vaccination, it can be during a time period of 9 to 26. It means that if someone has not been vaccinated against the aforesaid virus, they have time till 26.

The HPV is spread via vaginal and anal sex mainly. That having said, intimate contact with another individual via oral sex can also lead to the infection. When it comes to preventing the infection and the issues, the only option is vaccination. The vaccination should be done before a period of sexual activeness in the individual. That is why 11 is considered the optimal age for vaccination. Once vaccinated, sexual intercourse with one individual would not cause the infection of the human papillomavirus. Of course, as parents, it will be their duty to vaccinate their child.

Talking about the issue, Ashley Vernon — the STD Program Coordinator at New Hanover County Health Department — says that the parents should vaccinate their children as earlier as possible. If the children are vaccinated before becoming sexually active, the overall immunity would be boosted by the time they attain sexual maturity. HPV is a dangerous virus in that it can cause cancer in some patients. In most cases, the virus is removed in the course of time without intervention. However, if it stays in the body, there is a higher chance of getting cancer. CDC says that vaccination is the best prevention method right now.

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