SpaceX to Announce the First Private Space Tourist

SpaceX is going to announce something incredible the next week. The Elon Musk company said that it would be announcing further details about the first space tourist next week. This person, whose identity hasn’t yet been identified by the company, will be part of a space mission that flies to the Moon. SpaceX said it would be revealing the details in an event that is to happen on 17th of September. “SpaceX has signed the world’s first private passenger to fly around the Moon aboard our BFR launch vehicle—an important step toward enabling access for everyday people who dream of traveling to space. Find out who’s flying and why on Monday, September 17,” said the official Tweet from SpaceX.

As mentioned in the tweet, SpaceX will be using its Big Falcon Rocket for this project. This rocket has been built specifically for taking humans to space and to make the space accessible for more people on Earth. While the company has not made much comments on the rocket to be used, it’s supposed to be unique from many perspectives. The Big Falcon Rocket would have two major parts in the system. One, the rocket booster system that is said to be the most powerful one ever built and two, the spacecraft that would be taking the private tourist to space.

It’s clear that SpaceX has not been consistent about their statements regarding the Big Falcon Rocket. Musk had once said that the company had no plans for sending people to space anytime sooner and that the company is working on something else. However, recently, reports started surfacing regarding the possible private tourist trip to space. This trip is supposed to take around the moon and the person will be able to take a trip around the Moon itself. Despite the announcement, it would take some more time to see the first flight of BFR.

Wayne Ross

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