Scientists Have Found the Impact of Insecticide on Bees

Nowadays, insecticides are used across the globe for agricultural reasons. Out of these, common insecticides are known for the minimal use of chemicals and other features. A recently-published research, though, says that the insecticides are causing serious problems to bees. The research has shown that exposure to some of the commonly used insecticides are causing changes in the behavior of bees, especially when they are in the nest. The research argues that bees that are exposed to the common insecticides are becoming sluggish and anti-social when they are in the nest. These bees are also found to spend more time on the periphery of the nest.

The research was focused on the impacts of insecticides in the category of Neonics. These are used across the globe for various agricultural purposes and are considered nearly-essential for the growth of different crops. This means that the impacts observed through the study would be applicable for a huge number of bees regardless the region. The group of researchers have also managed to find the different ways through which bees are exposed to the insecticides. Even when they are not exposed directly, there is a chance that plants may be carrying the components of the insecticides all the way.

It was observed that the use of pesticides goes deep into the plant when it is growing up. So, during the act of pollination, bees are again exposed to the pesticides. Thereafter, the aforementioned symptoms are seen among the bees, causing problems in the nest. Needless to say, the anti-social and sluggish behavior of bees would have serious impact on the growth of agriculture, on a broader scale. The research says that chemicals inside the insecticide are affecting the nervous system of the bees, causing the sluggishness and overall anti-social life.

Wayne Ross

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