Russia Says that The ISS Leak Could Have Been Deliberate

The latest news from the International Space Station was not that convincing per se. It was reported that an astronaut found a hole in the ISS, which could have caused serious issues for the whole system. The hole did cause the loss of some pressure, although the amounts were not serious enough. The cosmonauts had fixed it using some material. However, Russia now says that the ISS leak could have been deliberate. The issue that happened last week could have been a result of sabotage, said the chief of Russian Space control. A check was done following this comment.

The hole was found in a Russian spacecraft that was docked to the ISS. The chief of the Russian Space sector, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the hole could have been made on earth or when it was in space. It’s clear that the hole did not appear by itself since it has been made using a drill. Multiple attempts of drilling were found at the place, according to the sources. The chief is also confused whether the problem was caused by people on earth or due to some deliberate interference that happened when in space. The Russian agencies have ordered for detailed checks at both places.

There are multiple theories regarding the appearance of the hole in the ISS. One of them is that the hole was made by one of the cosmonauts in the group, who wanted to come back home early. Another theory was that the hole was caused by a meteorite, which crashed with the ISS. However, according to the preliminary reports, the theory with the meteorite has become obsolete. There is enough evidence to prove that the hole was not caused by a meteorite. At the same time, some officials believe that the issue is a part of one production defect. Even in that case, it does not sound good for the so-far perfect Soyuz missions.

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