Puppies from Pet Store Are Spreading Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

A recently-published report from the Center for Disease Control has linked pet store puppies with the wide spreading of a particular bacteria. According to the report, the particular bacteria has also developed a kind of resistance towards antibiotics, making things worse. It should be noted that the issue is found in pets that are brought from pet stores across the United States. As to the reason why, the report says that these dogs are supplied with some unnecessary antibiotics. Due to the continuous use of the antibiotics, the bacteria has developed some kind of resistance towards the same. It means the antibiotics cannot kill the bacteria as it could in the past.

According to a recent report by STAT, more than 100 people have been infected with the bacteria, causing a variety of problems among the affected. Although it cannot be an outbreak among human beings, issues caused by the situation cannot be ignored either. People are now advised to be a bit careful when buying puppies from a pet store. As it has been made clear via various reports and studies, the problem is the over-use of antibiotics. The same trend has been causing issues among human beings as well.

A study was also conducted to understand the relation between the bacteria outbreak and the antibiotics consumption of the puppies. It was found that most of the tested puppies were given antibiotics even when they were unnecessary. Most pet stores provided the antibiotics so that they would not catch any disease in the future. Turning their expectations upside down, however, the bacteria acquired resistance towards the same medicines. It means that pet store owners should be more concerned about the situation of puppies before using antibiotics beyond a limit. It was found earlier, in 2017, that puppies were the reason for the bacterial outbreak.

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