Mosquitos Are Bringing Plastic to the Food Chain

Plastic pollution is undoubtedly one of the serious problems the world is facing right now. Many countries, organizations and others are trying to control how plastic gets into the system of the nature. However, one recent research has shown that the impact of plastic is probably beyond control. The research has found out that mosquitos are bringing plastic to the global food chain, making sure that plastic components are present in mammals and other animals. This works because mosquito larvae have the ability to eat plastic that will be present in their environment. However, this plastic does not easy get out of their system.

On the other hand, the plastic that the mosquitos have consumed can stay in the body system for a period of time — until the mosquito has become an adult. These micro-plastic components can make their way to animals and birds when they eat mosquitos. This creates a situation where micro-plastics become important component in the whole food chain, damaging not one but multiple species in multiple classes. Although the tests were conducted in labs, the researchers are sure that the process takes place in a swift manner outside. It has probably been happening for a long period of time that animal and bird deaths are partially caused by the presence of plastic.

As said earlier, the tests were done in lab and nothing much has been confirmed. The researchers added the next step of the research would be confirming this hypothesis. For this, mosquito samples would have to be taken from outside and tested for the presence of micro-plastic. While the hypothesis may be partially true or false, micro-plastic is one of the serious pollutants of today. Many countries, especially the United States, have been launching various campaigns to reduce the use of micro-plastic, thus minimizing their presence in the various systems.

Celso Gomes

Over 4 years’ experience in the research industry. Experience with research and consulting projects, catering to domains such as ICT, Health & Pharma, and packaging. Managed projects on both B2B as well as B2C perspective, which includes consumer preference analysis, interviews with key executives, etc.