Flood-Hit Indian State, Kerala, Now Faces Rat Fever Outbreak

The month of August was the worst for the Indian state, Kerala, as it was hit by serious floods due to heavy rains. Now, when the state is recovering from the serious losses to infrastructure, economy, and manpower, another issue has come up. Kerala is now battling the issue of rat fever outbreak, which has been identified in 5 of the total 13 districts. A health alert has been issued regarding the same problem since 11 people had died due to leptospirosis during the floods. It’s clear that the drowning of rats during the flood has caused a serious issue like this.

Despite the health alert, however, the state is apparently ready for combating this issue as well. The Health Department officials have confirmed that the situation is under control and that necessary measures have been taken by the government. Rat fever outbreak was one of the expected outcomes of the serious floods the state was subjected to. As a result of this, many campaigns are being done to prevent the rat fever from becoming an epidemic in the state. Kerala Government officials have a clean record of tackling epidemics via proper channels and preparations, and the same was done in the case of Nipa virus as well.

In the case of the rat fever, however, the current situation is not positive for most part. The floods were very serious that thousands of people have lost their homes and many were displaced. There is still a noticeable amount of people who are living in distress relief camps. Even those who have returned to home are living under non-hygiene conditions and the cleaning process would take some time. Meanwhile, the residents are requested to take a right precautionary medicine and follow other instructions to stay away from the issue of rat fever.

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