Facebook is Planning to Launch a New Feature in FB Messenger Called Watch Videos Together

We all spend an ample amount of our time on YouTube by watching our favorite videos and most of the times we share them with our favorite people.  If you are an avid Facebook messenger user, then there is a good news for you coming because Facebook is planning to launch a new feature, which will allow you to watch the video with your friends while chatting simultaneously.  We have already seen watch party feature on Facebook, which is getting popular among teenagers, and this new feature seems like an extended version of it, which every FB messenger user will love to use.

Facebook is trying their best to improve their platform so that people can spend more quality time on their website and that is the reason why we see features like “Watch videos Together.” Facebook knows that many users spend tons of time watching videos on YouTube and by considering this factor they want to make the user more addictive to their platform and with this new feature they will succeed in their mission.  There has been no official statement from Facebook regarding this feature, but many tech enthusiasts are welcoming this move of Facebook. According to them, it will help more users to interact with their friends online.

However, there is still more information yet to come regarding this new feature because as of now, we do not know how Facebook is planning to implement this co-watching video feature and we have to check whether Facebook is going to collaborate YouTube or not.  According to beta testers, Facebook has already started the beta testing of this new feature, and it has been used mostly by internal staff of the company.  Creating and managing such kind of elements is not an easy task since millions of people use messenger app and if this experiment succeeds then, it will be a tremendous victory for Facebook because later we might see this feature into WhatsApp too.

Jissmol Mathew

She has been in the industry and conducts in-depth data analysis, revenue and volume forecasting, and data extraction through extensive primary and secondary research efforts. Her core expertise lies in technology, apart from supporting projects in other domains as well.