Amazon Go Store Is Coming to New York, Confirms Amazon

Amazon Go Store is one of the most revolutionary things the online-shopping company has done in the past decade! It was quite recently that the company started the cashier-less store in Seattle. Now, Amazon itself has confirmed that the same store is coming to New York. There were rumors about this announcement, as a number of job openings were found on Amazon websites. According to an email received by CNN, Amazon has confirmed that New York would be among the cities to have this new-generation shopping experience in the near-future. For those who do not know, Amazon Go Stores are what hi-tech shopping looks like.

Although Amazon Go Stores look like a normal supermarket, there is something you cannot find in the store — a cashier. Instead, customers are required to scan their smartphone using the Amazon account when they get into the store. Using a wide array of sensors and cameras, the store would record what things you have put to the cart. And, when you go out from the store, your Amazon account would be billed for what you’ve just bought. Seattle had the first of this store from January and it has been quite successful, at least for lots of people who want to experience the cashier-free shopping.

Of course, this is where automation and AI is going. For users, Amazon Go Stores offer a great convenience of staying away from long queues and cashiers. At the same time, there are measures to ensure complete transparency in the process. Following the trend, many other retailers are also planning to launch cashier-less stores across the country. The biggest rival of Amazon, Walmart, is said to be working on a cashier-less store that would make use of Microsoft technology. The latest confirmation from Amazon means that we’d see a huge number of these Walk Out stores often across the country.

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