Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 Will Have 5G Support, Confirmed via Photo

Many Internet Service Providers and cellular giants are working tirelessly to bring 5G Networks to commons. However, there has not been much news about 5G-compatible smartphones — at least until now. According to a photo shared by Donovan Sung — the global spokesperson of Xiaomi and product management director at the company —, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will have 5G Network support. It would also be the first Android-based device to have 5G support in the world. It should be noted that 5G networks will be rolled out in 2019 only, but Xiaomi is not ready to wait until that point of time.

Donovan Sung said that Xiaomi is not ready to wait until the official launch of 5G services to launch one 5G-powered smartphone. As it happens, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be launched in October itself. It means users will have to wait for a long period of time until they can enjoy the unleashed 5G network speeds on their devices. And, that would happen only if the customers are living in areas with 5G coverage, which is quite a few as of now. In the background of the photo, there is some information regarding the speeds as well. However, the shown speeds cannot be taken for granted.

Talking about the speed improvements of the 5G networks, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is expected to serve 10x speeds offered by the current 4G network systems. However, this poses another problem — because different cell carriers are offering different levels of speeds via 4G. So, the 10x capability does not show us the theoretical capability of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 when it comes to speeds and performance. As mentioned earlier, ISPs are still working on 5G networks across the world, and it will be some time until their performance stats can be taken into consideration. Until then, it should be thought that Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will offer blazing speeds for sure.

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