Target to Hire 20% More Temporary Employees for Holiday Season

Target has announced that it would be recruiting 20% more workers for the holiday season. The additional force will be used to take care of the extra rush the stores get during the season. Target is also offering a huge amount of benefits for the employees, despite them being temporary. 120,000 seasonal workers are to be hired in this season so that Target can manage an enhanced number of customers as well as the rush of online orders during the period. The extra force will also be deployed to the management of order pickup, delivery and other areas where Target is now investing and getting popular.

As said earlier, temporary workers at Target are going to receive an impressive set of benefits, starting with a minimum wage of $12 per hour. In addition to this, the employees can avail 10% discount when they buy products from The users will also be benefitted from the 20% discount program while getting fruits, workout equipment and vegetables. Target also plans to utilize its $2 Million funds for appreciating the worker community. These rewards will be applicable for every Target employee who starts working at the firm after this Sunday.

Target has different plans to use the extra workforce across the country. For instance, the fulfillment centers of Target will have the extra employees for taking care of packaging, loading and overall management. On the other hand, in-store employees will be required to navigate the ongoing traffic and take care of the shelf management. The recruitment would be done via multiple events across the country, between October 12 and October 14 and people who are eligible can apply. Talking about the trend, experts say that retailers are now being creative about the hiring process and that they want to address the ongoing needs, especially in the holiday seasons.

Wayne Ross

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