Samsung Launches Galaxy A7 with Triple Camera Setup

Samsung has done something so unique in the world of smartphone cameras. The Korean tech giant added a new member to the Galaxy A series — Samsung Galaxy A7, which comes with a triple camera setup. It must be noted, however, that Samsung Galaxy A7 is not a flagship from the company. On the other hand, it has a place in the mid-range devices section. According to the rumors, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus would have been the first device to have the triple camera setup. Now that the A7 has been launched, it has stolen the record as well. Of course, Samsung has added much functionalities in the camera department.

The device has three rear camera sensors, as the name suggests. One of these cameras allows you to take photos in 120 Degree option. This 8-Megapixel camera module will be quite effective in providing some wide angle photos. Apart from the wide-angle camera, Galaxy A7 consists of 24-Megapixel and 5-Megapixel rear camera modules. As it has been seen in other devices, these modules will help users get pictures with bokeh effects and the depth effects. Samsung also adds that the 24-Megapixel camera is more effective in crispier photos and low-light photography.

It should be noted that Samsung is not the first company to introduce cameras with triple-sensor set up. The innovation was done by Huawei, which introduced the first popular triple-camera smartphone. That having said, A7 is the first Samsung phone to get this feature. Coming to the front camera side, Galaxy A7 boasts a 24-Megapixel sensor there as well. The company has also coupled some real hardware with the camera part. For instance, users will find AMOLED Display, Dolby Atmos Sound and high-performance sound etc. The firm did not reveal details about the device, but it will be available in Europe and Asia in the coming months.

Jissmol Mathew

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