Report Says that Apple’s Streaming Service Will Be Free for Device Users

If you were waiting for the streaming service from Apple and own at least one of the Apple devices, there is some good news. According to a news report published by CNBC, Apple is going to offer the service free of cost for device users. Some sources cited by the publication say that Apple will be pre-installing the TV service in devices like Apple iPhone, iPad and of course the Apple TV. Sources also suggest that this plan is actually a central part of the Digital Content Strategy that Apple is going to follow. It should be noted that the trillion-dollar company is investing around $1 Billion this year for shows only.

As reports have said earlier, the service from Apple will be a combination of ideas. It will consist of various original content from different providers and subscription-based channels. At the end of the day, the user is exposed to a wide variety of content. Apple has also signed deals with awesome people like Steven Spielberg for creating original content for the TV platform, whose release dates are still unknown. According to current situation, the content produced and owned by Apple will be available for users for free. On the other hand, users have to pay subscription fee for content from platforms like HBO.

It is also clear that Apple is trying to create a unified space for content exploration. For instance, users won’t have to download the HBO GO app to access content if they are already using the TV service from Apple. In the same way, users are given better integration. Going to the case of original content, some sources were quoted by Wall Street Journal, saying that the company is planning to launch up to 24 original shows via the platform. Although nothing has been confirmed, the Apple TV service is expected to be available next year.

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