Razer Will Be launching the Razer Phone 2 On October 10

Razer’s previous entry to the smartphone market was not at all a success. The Razer Phone was able to get not just media attention but also critical acclaim for its display, sound and gaming performance. Now, Razer is working on the next iteration of the device. According to a press release that is being circulated, Razer will be launching the Razer Phone 2 on October 10th. While there aren’t many specific rumors about the device, it’s expected that the Razer Phone 2 would have some performance upgrades. It’s very unlikely that Razer will be altering the core design.

According to the already-surfaced rumors, the Razer Phone 2 would be having a Snapdragon 845 inside. To boost the gaming performance to the maximum level, the manufacturer will be packing 8GB of RAM as well. This specifically means that the company is trying to make another gaming-oriented device here. While there is no specific information about the speakers or the display, it’s sure that the Razer Phone 2 would have the areas taken care of. It’s quite important, considering that the audiophile-friendly speakers and the quality-rich display were some of the awesome features in the previous device. There were also rumors that Razer Phone 2 would be cheaper than the previous one.

The Razer Phone 2, however, will be having a tough time in the market, considering the number of devices that are to be launched in the same week. As far as the market is concerned, the second Razer Phone will be competing with a bunch of Samsung devices and the mighty Pixel 3. It’s also worth noting that Razer has not spilled much details in the press release. Of course, the manufacturer mentioned that it will be a gaming and flagship device, but nothing else is available now. It’s also clear that Razer has to meet higher expectations as of now.

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