Microsoft Surface Laptops Are Back In Consumer Reports Recommendation

Consumer Reports is one of the most trusted places to know about reliable products. According to the latest blog post from the platform, Microsoft Surface Laptops have made it back to the Recommendation list. The devices were in the list sometime back but had lost the position due to reliability issues. Consumer Reports had removed Surface Laptops from the list because they found the laptops to be less reliable when compared to devices from other manufacturers. It should be noted that the platform is now convinced that the device now has competitive performance and reliability with respect to the other devices in market.

It should be noted that the Recommendation status of Consumer Reports can change the fate of a product in the market. These recommendations are based on surveys and often considered the cornerstones to pick the right product easily. In the case of Microsoft Surface Laptops, the platform’s surveys last year pointed out that at least 25% of the devices were having reliability issues. The same survey, when done this year, did result in a better percentage of reliability. That was one of the many reasons — others being performance upgrades — why Consumer Reports has brought back the device into Recommendations.

As per the current scenario, a variety of Surface devices such as Surface Pro, Surface Laptop and the Surface Book 2 would be benefited from the Recommendation badge. It should be noted, however, that Surface GO has not made it to the list due to performance deficit. The 10-inch hybrid had no reliability issues, although. The update from Consumer Reports is really good for Microsoft and potential Surface buyers out there. It is helping users purchase their favorite laptop or hybrid device without the fears of reliability concerns. It has also come at a time when Microsoft is all set to launch the Surface lineup with updated hardware.

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