Google Launches Dataset Search for Enhanced Search of Number Data

Google has made things simpler for scientists and professionals who are looking for number-based data via the World Wide Web. The tech giant has launched a service named Dataset Search, which will be a dedicated service for searching data sets published by various sources across the web. It will be, however, acting as an enhanced version of Google Scholar, which is a dedicated solution for searching academic articles and other content in the category. When a person searches for some data sets using Dataset Search, they will be given various details apart from the source and availability of the content.

Even now, a huge amount of data is available across the Internet, but they are available in the websites of the institutions behind the data collection. For instance, website of NASA and NOAA are known for publishing the type of data content in their websites. For someone who needs a wide variety of data, however, it will be tough to visit all these websites one by one. Google Dataset Search makes this simple by bringing a more centralized platform for searching. As we said, the results page also reveals important information about the data and Google has some cool instructions for that too.

For geeks and scientists, Dataset Search from Google will be an awesome way to enhance their research and other aspects. At the end of the day, they have to visit just one website for the preliminary data collection. Google has also partnered with data-based publications like ProPublica, whose results will include data-based content from various places across the web. Google, as a company, has been trying to make access to data simpler from the start of this year. Dataset Search would be an integral part of the initiative, which is yet to have more services in the upcoming months.

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