Google Is Now Rolling Out Wear OS 2.1 to Smartwatches

Google has been working on a Wear OS update that could change how people smartwatches. Around a few weeks after Apple launched its brand-new Apple Watches, Google has started rolling out the Wear OS 2.1 update to Android-powered smartwatches. A huge number of smartwatches would receive this update and users will have to check the Updates section to know about the upgrading process. Google is bringing a few major features to the smartwatches via this update, with an improve interface for notifications on top of the list. In addition to this, the Wear OS 2.1 will become more proactive as well.

The biggest improvement in the Wear OS 2.1 is the introduction of a better Google Assistant. It means that watch users will be able to get their questions answered and information delivered in a minimal amount of time. The update is also bringing a boosted-up Google Fit, which would be proactive in activity tracking and smart management of fitness. Google says that it has included some extra features to enhance the overall Watch experience, including some gestures. As said earlier, the new Wear OS is expected to be proactive in many senses. For instance, the device can now provide more instant notifications.

For instance, Wear OS 2.1 will notify you to take an umbrella if there is a chance for rain. There will also be a bunch of notifications that urge users to check out Assistant features that they have not checked yet. It is worth noting that the OS update has come at the right time, when Qualcomm’s new hardware for Android-powered smartwatches are on the verge. This means that Android-powered smartwatches can pose notable competition to the newly-launched Apple Watch and other devices in the market. Whether Google would be able to enhance the popularity of these smartwatches is another question for now.

Jissmol Mathew

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