Google Annulles Hangout App for iOS and Android Users; The Web Service Will Be Shut Down Soon

Tajammul Pangarkar
Tajammul Pangarkar

Updated · Mar 31, 2022

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Google, the American search giant, has removed Hangouts from its website. This has been a long-standing request and Google finally implemented it. The app will be unavailable for both iOS and Android users. Regular updates will not be available to the existing app.

Google Hangouts is an app that let users communicate with each other via video, voice, and text. According to Google, they are discontinuing the app because they want to focus on their new messaging app, Allo. However, many people are not happy about this change because Hangouts was a very popular app.

Reasons for discontinuing the app: The app was not being used as much as Google had hoped, and they are focusing on other projects.

Google announced that it is discontinuing its app, Google+, in 2019. There are several reasons for this decision, including the fact that the app was not being used as much as Google had hoped. Google has announced that it will be discontinuing the Hangout app for iOS and Android devices. The app was initially released in 2013 and allowed users to video call other Hangouts users. However, with the release of newer messaging apps that allow for video calling, Google feels that the app is not as popular as it once was.

What this means for users: The app will no longer be available as of May 22nd, and users are encouraged to switch to Chat or Hangouts in Gmail.

Users of the messaging app WhatsApp have been warned that as of May 22nd it will no longer be available to download or use. The app has been in the news recently after it was revealed that the company had shared user data with Facebook. This means that as of May 22nd, WhatsApp users will no longer be able to communicate with each other through the app.

Google has removed Hangouts from the App Store. However, other Android users can still see the app on Google Play Store. They will however not be able to download or update the app. Google will remove the Hangouts app from all platforms, but users with the app installed on their devices already will be able to see it listed on Google Play Store.

Hangouts are no longer available in the App Store or the Play Store. However, you can still download the app from third-party sources if you wish to continue using it. The Hangouts web services will still be available until the majority of users switch to Google Chat.

You won’t be able to see the Hangouts app if you are an Android user searching the Google Play Store for it. Google already stated that Google Chat would be the default app for all Workspace users. Now, the company is taking this plan to the next level.

Conclusion: While this news may be disappointing for some, Google is still committed to providing communication tools for its users.

After months of speculation and reports of layoffs, Google has finally made its official announcement to employees regarding the reorganization of their company. The proposed changes will see Google consolidate a number of different divisions into a new umbrella organization called “Google co.”, which will report directly to CEO Sundar Pichai. While some employees may feel disappointed by the changes, it is clear that Google is still committed to providing a great workplace for its employees.

Tajammul Pangarkar

Tajammul Pangarkar

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