Google Announces Pixel Slate, a Detachable Chrome OS-based Tablet

During the October event, Google has added another product to the Pixel line-up, and we are not talking of the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3XL. Making a comeback to the computer sector, Google has unveiled a detachable tablet PC named Pixel Slate. As the rumors had noted very early, the tablet is powered by Chrome OS, making it an actual competitor to many devices in the market. While the design can resemble that of a laptop when the cover is on, there are certain perks of portability too. For media consumption and everything else, the tablet design comes in very handy.

Unlike many of the Chrome OS products we’ve seen in the past, the Pixel Slate can be quite advanced as well as performance-friendly. This device can boast an ultimate configuration of up to  16GB RAM, 256 GB of SSD Storage and a whopping Intel Core i7 processor. If you are someone looking for an ultra-powerful Chrome browser that deals with almost every web-based app, Pixel Slate may be your thing. The device is different from Google Pixelbook in that the design is focused towards portability. In addition to all these, Google has included some cool features that offer a modern computing experience.

For instance, the Pixel Slate comes with a fingerprint scanner on the power button, which is a new feature when it comes to Chrome OS devices. The 12.3-inch touch-screen display of the device is expected to offer a better performance than the traditional LCD screens, say Google. The company has also added an 8-MP camera on the back and front of the device. In case you have brought the Pixel Pen, you can use the accessory with Pixel Slate as well. The device is expected to go on sale the next year, with the base version priced at an affordable $599.

Jissmol Mathew

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