China’s Mars Rover Zhurong Sends First Selfie, Photos Of Landing Platform

Steven Burnett
Steven Burnett

Updated · Jun 19, 2021

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Zhurong has sent a selfie from Mars. Zhurong is a rover. The rover was sent to the planet by China. The selfie shows Zhurong in a good condition. The selfie shows the rove standing next to its landing platform. This is the first batch of images of Zhurong. The selfie and other images were released by the China National Space Administration. The panoramic view shows the rover with its wheel firm on the Martian surface. Zhurong is the first rover by China that has landed on Mars. China is the second nation to send a rover on Mars. The US has so far operated multiple rovers on the Red Planet. The latest one is Perseverance. It arrived on Earth’s neighbor in February. Zhurong landed on Mars on May 15.

The photo shows Zhurong traveling on the planet. It traveled about 10 meters. The rover could be seen south of its landing platform. According to CNSA, the rover released the separate camera installed at the bottom. It then retreated to the vicinity. The separate camera took photos of Zhurong’s movement on Mars. It also clicked photos of Zhurong’s landing platform. The photos were then transmitted to Zhurong’s storage system through wireless signals. The rover sent back the photos to Earth through the orbiter. The orbiter, naming Tianwen-1, entered into Martian orbit in February. It circled the planet for three months before the lander carrying Zhurong separated from it. The probe is named Tianwen-1. The landing was pre-selected. It landed at the planned area in Utopia Planitia. It is a vast plain in the northern hemisphere.

Zhurong itself clicked an image of the landing platform. The photo shows the ramp it drove down. The photo also shows a Chinese flag. Zhurong will perform crucial scientific experiments on Mars. It will study the surface rocks and atmosphere. It will search for possible signs of life on the planet. Besides, it will also look for subsurface ice or water on the Red Planet. Zhurong has six wheels. The robot is powered by solar energy. It weighs 240 kgs. The rover has a lifespan of nearly 90 Martian days. Soon after its arrival, the rover had earlier sent back two photos and two videos from the planet. Mars has been the promising destination for scientists to search for life beyond Earth. It has shown signs that the planet was likely once habitable.

Steven Burnett

Steven Burnett

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