Apple Watch Series 4 Is Near-Perfect in Distinguishing Regular and Irregular Heartbeats, Says Study

Apple Watch Series 4 was one of the most impressive announcements made by Apple in the previous event. The device was even able to surpass the fame of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR that were launched alongside. Apart from a bigger screen and a lot of software-based features, the new Apple Watch also had a cool feature inside — Electrocardiogram sensor. This sensor is able to analyze the heartbeats of the user and come to conclusions whether the person has regular heartbeats or irregular ones. Because Apple was able to get FDA approval for this feature, there is also a scientific study to prove the same.

According to this study, Apple Watch Series 4 was able to achieve near-perfection when it comes to flagging regular and irregular heartbeats. It has one of the highest levels of accuracies that you can expect from a low to moderate risk device like the Apple Watch. While the company does not say that the feature is as accurate as an electrocardiogram, there is all the chance that a user can make use of the data analysis for getting base guidance. For instance, the data from the Apple Watch should function as a guide to whether a person has to visit a doctor.

The study was conducted by Apple and Stanford University. According to the data, 50% of the surveyed had healthy heart condition while the other 50% was noted for atrial fibrillation, which is something dangerous for the cardiovascular health. The Apple Watch was so efficient that it could point out 98% of people who did have atrial fibrillation and 99% of people who had regular heart rates. Unless when compared to a fully-fledged electrocardiogram machine in hospital — which is very lame — the research means that Apple Watch is something so incredible for keeping track of health.

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