Apple Has Won The Appeal for Reversal in University of Wisconsin Patent Lawsuit

Apple has succeeded in an appeal to reverse a $234 Million damaged award to the University of Wisconsin. According to a previous judgement by another court, Apple Inc. was expected to pay a damage amount of $234 Million to the university in light of the alleged patent infringement. Apple was accused of infringing a number of computer processing technology patents. The new judgement, at 3-0, says that the juror could not find sufficient evidence to hold Apple responsible for the aforesaid damage and added that University of Wisconsin should reverse the damages. The judges says that Apple deserves the justice by law in this.

The lawsuit by the University of Wisconsin started in 2014 and it was accusing Apple of infringing a number of processor patents. The claim was that Apple used a patented technology in its iPhone 5s, 6 and iPhone 6s processors for improving the performance. it was done by taking a long step and predicting what the user would want from the device next. This mentioned patent is owned by Gurinder Sohi, a professor of computer science at the University, and his three students. As said earlier, the earlier judgements in the case were in favor of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation.

There were two judgements that wanted Apple to settle the lawsuit by paying an amount of $506.1 Million as damages to the University. While the first judgement wanted a damage of $213 Million and another $272 Million was added by another judge in 2017. Now that both have been overturned, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation will have to reverse the amount. Reuters reported that neither WARF or the attorneys for Apple have commented on the topic. WARF is noted for such patent wars. It had launched a war against Intel for patent violation and it was settled in a year.

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