People Should Look For Some Early Warning Signs For Early Diagnosis Of Cancer

Ketan Mahajan
Ketan Mahajan

Updated · Apr 12, 2021

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It is heartbreaking to be diagnosed with deadly cancer. However, doctors have said that an early diagnosis of cancer might shoot up survival chances in patients and prevent the growth of the disease in its tracks. They have said that people should take some proactive measures to help doctors diagnose the disease at an early stage. There are some signs, which prompt people that they might be developing cancer or have already developed the deadly disease.  People should take these signs seriously to be diagnosed at an early stage of the disease. Normally lymph nodes swell off near the neck and armpits when the body is fighting with a common cold or other infections.

It shows that the immune system is working overtime to fight off the illness. However, swelling in the lymph nodes fades away in a couple of weeks. Well, if lymph nodes are swollen up even after so many weeks, it can be something serious.  Dr. Adrian Bloor from Christie Private Care has said that if swelling in the lymph nodes remains the same even after few days, people should consult their health care providers quickly. Such swollen lymph nodes need to be thoroughly examined. Dr. Bloor has said that it can be an early sign of blood cancer such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma. Experts have said that people should take note if they see blood in their stool. It can be due to a number of diseases that are not severe.

However, it might be an early sign of colon cancer as well. Dr. Mache Seibel has said that blood in the stool can be due to a fissure or a crack in the tissue near the rectum or due to hemorrhoid or ulcerative colitis. Many other diseases might be linked to this issue. He has said that blood in the stool is just a warning mark, it is not a certification of cancer. Nevertheless, experts from the John Hopkins Medicine have said that if people notice an obvious bright red color in the stool or darker bowel movement, it a sign that they should be tested for possible colon cancer. They have said that such people should get in touch with their doctors to rule out the risk of colon cancer.

Health experts have said that people can develop hoarse voices due to a number of common reasons. Common cold and other ailments as well can cause people to deal with a hoarse voice. However, if somebody’s voice becomes hoarse unduly and it lasts for many weeks, it might be an indicator of larynx cancer. Dr. Dale Ekbom from the Mayo Clinic has said that the hoarseness that remains unchanged for weeks might be due to many potential causes. He has said that larynx cancer might be a potential reason for long-lasting hoarseness. As per the experts, if larynx cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, it can be treated with surgery or radiation therapy.

The hoarse voice might be linked to persistent ailment or due to common irritation in the vocal cords, said the experts. Nevertheless, if it remains the same for a long time, it is better to get it checked. Health experts have said that yellowing of skin and eyes that lead to itchiness and irritation, commonly known as jaundice might be a deadly sign of cancer.  Experts have said that the cause of jaundice is more alarming in terms of the risk of cancer. In the case of jaundice, the skin turns yellow when the bile duct is restricted by a tumor and when a yellow pigment, known as bilirubin is accumulated in the system. Dr. Peter Paul has said that nearly half of patients who are diagnosed with a tumor in the head of the pancreas are found to have jaundice. He has said that if people notice their skin getting yellowish, they should consult their doctors to rule out the possibility of pancreatic cancer.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has said that around two million people in the US are detected with basal cell carcinoma each year. It is a regular form of skin cancer. Diagnosing this type of cancer at an early stage is very essential to prevent it from further spread. This type of cancer spreads slowly but it can easily be mistaken for a pimple or scar. The AAD has said that this cancer grows steadily on the neck or head that looks like a red and shiny round growth. If people see such an abnormal growth on their neck or head, they should see their dermatologist immediately.

Experts have said that in some cases seizures as well might be a sign of brain tumor or growth that might be cancerous. Dr. Jessica W Templer from Northwestern Medicine Comprehensive Epilepsy Center has said that patients might not know that seizures are an outcome of brain tumors. She has said that seizures that are the result of brain tumors are intricate and different for each patient. It mostly depends on the form and location of cancer.  Seizures might be a sign of abnormal glucose levels in the blood or a benign tumor. However, people should seek professional help in case they are suffering from seizures.

The data from the National Breast Cancer Foundation have shown that one in eight women in the US might be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time in her lifetime.  Experts have said that a single and hard bump or lump on the breast tissue might be an indicator of breast cancer that is progressing. They have said that early detection might be able to prevent the growth of cancer. However, not all bumps or lumps are cancerous. Women should look for a single and hard bump or lump on their breasts. Medical professionals have warned that the majority of malignant tumors look like a single and hard lump that might be painful sometimes. In such a case, women should immediately consult their health care providers and get a mammogram done. Some people might find white and grey patches in their mouth that might be due to irritation from certain types of foods, dentures, braces, or a retainer.

However, if people notice a thickened area in the mouth that is white or grey and cannot be scraped off, there is a possibility that they might be dealing with leukoplakia. Leukoplakia is a process of tissue change and it might be precancerous.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that nearly 657000 new cases of oral cancer are reported worldwide each year. Experts have said that people, who smoke, consume alcohol, or lead an unhealthy lifestyle, they are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with a form of oral cancer. As per the experts, leukoplakia is treatable and can be prevented from turning into oral erer, only if it is diagnosed at an early stage.

Ketan Mahajan

Ketan Mahajan