US Is Proposing New Round of Trade Talks with China

The trade war between the US and China has been causing enough trouble in the business industry since it was announced. Recently, Apple said that it would increase the product prices if Trump imposes a tariff on products imported from China. However, it seems that the US is not completely in favor of continuing these issues. According to the latest reports from people familiar with the matter, the US administration proposes a newer round of trade talks regarding the conflicts. The talks are expected to help China address the many concerns of the US and take necessary actions so that further tariffs can be avoided.

An invitation regarding a talk about the bilateral trade was sent to the Treasury Department of China by a team that is led by Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. The meetings would be done in the course of a week and they will be talking about the ways in which both countries can overcome the repercussions of a trade war. While nothing has been confirmed yet, either Washington or Beijing may host these talks. Also, the Treasury Department of the US has mentioned that a ministerial-level team for carrying out these important talks on trade, conflicts, and solutions.

There was no comment from the Treasury Department on this issue. The proposal of these talks has come at the right time since Trump is about to impose serious tariffs of $200 Billion on goods imported from China and other countries in the future. The president has also warned about additional tariffs in certain cases. At the same time, China has been trying not to threaten companies based on a reply-based tariff, probably because of the need of ensuring foreign capital in the country. There are no confirmations from the side of China as to whether these proposed talks would take place or whether they would make a difference.

Anurag Sharma

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