Amazon Launches Amazon 4-Start, With Products with Minimum 4-Star Rating

Product ratings on Amazon is one of the best ways to filter things out. In an attempt to bridge the gap here between online and offline stores, Amazon is bringing the same feature to brick-and-mortar stores. The new brick-and-mortar store from Amazon is designed in such a way that it sells products with a minimum rating of 4 stars. Apart from the products with 4+ ratings on, the Amazon 4-Start store will also sell a few products that are manufactured and distributed by Amazon itself, such as the Kindle line and of course the AmazonBasics line.

Amazon has taken care of many other things while setting up the store. For instance, organization has been one of the major things. Instead of making simple categories, Amazon 4-Star will consist of categories based on the user-purchase patterns. There will be a section for the most wish-listed products, for instance. In the very similar way, there are categories for Trending Around New York City and the specific section for Amazon exclusive products. As far as the product line is concerned, Amazon 4-Star is offering almost everything from consumer electronics to books. The average rating of products in the store is 4.4, which is incredible.

There are also some benefits for Prime subscribers. While normal customers have to pay the MSRP, Prime customers can pay just the online price. All products at Amazon 4-Star are powered by digital price tags that show you the current online price, MSRP and the amount of money a Prime subscriber can save. In addition to these price tags, Amazon is likely to place some of the most useful customer reviews as well. In short, the 4-Star would be the best place to not just find the best products from Amazon but also buy them with ease and discounts.

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